Improvers’ Course Great Success

July 26

The Club’s “improvers” course, run over 6 weeks in May, June & July, was attended by a minimum of 16 players each week – and was hugely enjoyed by all.


The Club’s coach, Paul Telling, assisted by Captain, Alan Speller, covered topics including court positioning, serve, serve return, net play, dinks, volleys, 3rd shot, split step, speciality shots, matchplay, tactics and how to practice/practice games/drills.


Designed to take “club” players to their next level, the 1-hour per week course will soon be repeated at others of the Club’s five weekly sessions,
Attendees received certificates at the end of the course  – and members who were not able to take part have commented on the new found competence of those who completed the course.



To round off the training session Paul then demonstrated how to replace the grip on a paddle handle