Basingstoke Canal Narrow Boat Cruise

Route Canal


Thirty nine Runnymede Royals Pickleball Club members including their spouses braved somewhat inclement weather to board the beautifully-appointed narrowboat “John Pinkerton II” for a cruise along the Basingstoke Canal on Friday 24th August. 



Starting off from Colt Hill Wharf, Odiham (or for many, the pub just over the bridge!) the guests spent a few hours of camaraderie and talking bol….. , sorry, talking pickleball, and keeping the vocal chords lubricated, interspersed with regular forays to the forward or aft decks for lamp-lit, if somewhat damp, sightseeing, and everyone enjoyed a super fish and chip supper en route.


The “winding hole” (a point where the canal is wide enough to turn-around) was near Dogmersfield and the route continued back to Odiham.


A wonderful evening, superbly organised by RR committee member, Terry Inskip, and a generous contribution to the 2018 RR charities, to boot !