2018 Spanish Open

The following is a report from our event’s reporter Wendy Marks


Once again this year’s Spanish Open was held in Madrid.  It ran from 5th to 9th September.   The venue was the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid, a massive golf club with lots of tennis courts and paddle courts plus very large equestrian facilities.



The Brits won so many medals this year it was a truly amazing experience.


Due to rain on the Saturday none of the games played  were completed.  We all therefore had to be up extra early on the Sunday for games to start at 8.00am.  It was a very long day resulting in us not getting back to our hotel until 10.30 pm feeling extremely tired!



I won a silver medal with my partner Michael Taylor from Cranbrook in the ‘over 60 mixed doubles 3.00-4,00 level’ and another silver with my ladies partner Louis Stevens from SLAP in the ‘over 50 Ladies doubles 2.5-4.00’


The Cranbrook club won about 11 medals in total, the biggest haul from any club at the tournament.    Well done them!


To sum up, it was a wonderful tournament at a fantastic venue that had plenty of courts in superb condition.


Great fun