Christmas 2018 Fun Tournament

Christmas came early for the members of the “Runnymede Royals” when the annual fun tournament took place on 16th December and a collection of Santas, Elves, reindeer, a snowman and a christmas tree duly arrived at the appointed hour!! .

Christmas 2018 Fun Tournament group

16 RR members along with David & Helen from David Lloyds in Farnham slugged it out for nearly 3 hours in full fancy dress with an outstanding standard of play considering the restrictive constraints of their costumes! 

Paul Telling oversaw the proceedings and ensured the whole tournament ran smoothly whilst the players desperately tried to play their “Santas” to obtain the highest scores before running out of time or expiring due to overheat!

When the whistle was finally blown we all gratefully headed to the coffee studio where supporting members had gone to great lenghs to ensure a festive ambience with the food all laid out for the ensuing banquet!

Over refreshments, prizes were handed out to the worthy winners.

The Men’s prize was awarded to Ajoy Sachdev who narrowly beat Alan Speller in a closely fought contest


The Ladies prize was won by Terry Inskip (aka the




The main prize was for the best seasonally dressed person.  There was a lot of discussion as to who that was to be but it was finally decided that the fully decorated christmas tree was the most eye catching and so it was that Sue Harris took the coveted prize in the form of a “Dancing Santa” this I believe, is now taking pride of place in her trophy cabinet!


Last but not least, expressions of gratitude and a
small gift were presented to Joyce Davies, for ensuring that the post
tournament refreshments all went smoothly.


My thanks to everyone involved for making the day run smoothly and for all those contestants and supporters that took the time and the trouble to dress up and make this a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.


Mick Rust