Wine Bluff Evening 2018

With the forthcoming Festive Season approaching it was deemed that this could be an opportunity for the RRPC membership to extend their wine knowledge.

To make it an enjoyable experience, it was proposed that we should have a Wine Bluff evening very loosely based on the popular television series Call my Bluff with Frank Muir.

Ajoy Sachdev kindly offered to host the occasion at his restaurant ‘Eliane’ in Sunningdale on Friday 2nd November and to research and source the wines required.

For the contest there were to be 3 white wines, 1 sparkling wine and 3 red wines all thoroughly wrapped up in copious quantities of brown paper to ensure no sneaky looking!

There were 18 contestants on three tables. For each wine that was placed on the contestant’s table Alan Speller produced three in depth descriptions, one of which was correct and the other two absolute nonsense, one even being purportedly awarded 6 gold medals by the Nigerian Wine Society!

These descriptions were read out randomly by Alan, myself and a “volunteer” from among the tables. There were so many convincing untruths told by so many, it could be concluded that this was a forerunner to the upcoming Brexit debate!

Points were awarded based on the number of correct answers for each table.  As it turned out they were very low. Was that a tribute to the storytellers convincing untruths or was it due to the effect of the wine?

During this time Ajoy and his team served us with a magnificent meal that was devoured with relish, along with some great wines!

Jean Sheard meanwhile, used her charms to raise £60 selling raffle tickets for our RRPC charities, well done Jean and thank you.

A very pleasant evening was enjoyed by all. A great venue, wonderful food, cracking wines with just a “few” fibs told.  Of course all this enjoyed in the company of our Pickleball friends.

My thanks to Ajoy, Alan and Jean for all their hard work, the participants for attending and to Paul Telling for generously contributing a connoisseur’s bottle of Scotch for the raffle. I trust the participants expanded their wine credentials and have learnt never to believe a word Alan or I say in the future!

Mick Rust