New Rules

The International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) have adopted many new rules, two of which are notable.

Firstly, lets are no more!

It is easy to understand how this rule operates in the U.S.A. where nets are on dedicated and permanent pickleball courts with net cords being really tight, like a tennis court net. In this case, a ball hitting the net cord is quite likely to bounce well beyond the kitchen line, whereas if the net cord is quite slack, the ball may drop just past the kitchen line, making it difficult for those of us of a mature age to reach it. club has decided to adopt this new rule, and to review it in three months time. It is therefore important that all session managers should ensure thathe net cords are as tight as possible before play commences.

 Secondly, IFB has added an alternative drop serve on a provisional basis. The precise wording of this rule can be found by visiting the IFP website, and finding provisional rule 4.A.8.

Basically, the ball can now be dropped from the server’s hand or the server’s paddle face from any natural height onto the playing surface. The ball may not be thrown downwards or upwards, it must be simply dropped. As this is a provisional rule, we can try it and take a view later.