All sessions are pre-booked by members. If you are a new player or visiting from another club, in order to avoid disappointment and to ensure you attend a session at the appropriate level, please contact our Captain beforehand, details of which can be found under ‘Contacts’.




7.15 – 7.45pm – Drills

Contact: Alan Speller – – 07768 530729




7.45 – 9.15pm – Play

Contact: Dave Metcalfe – – 07864 383731


This session is excellent for those wanting to improve their game


There is free parking in the multi storey car park for 3 hours only. It operates on number
plate recognition (ANPR) so there is a requirement to register your car details on arrival or
you may be fined! There is a reception desk in the hall for any details and guidance you may
need. I would suggest giving yourself a bit of extra time initially as there is bound to be a
few hiccups in the beginning.

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