At the recent AGM, the members voted on who was to be our Charity of the Year 2018 following a very successful year of raising £1,000 for Canine Partners.


It was a close decision, so close in fact that it was decided to support two charities namely The Camberley All Night Café for the Homeless and The Fountain Cancer Centre, Guildford. Two very different charities each providing much-needed solutions and assistance to people facing great difficulties in their lives. An initial introduction to each charity can be found below, but keep an eye out for future announcements on how you can help both charities and make this year an even greater success for RRPC’s Charity of the Year initiative. If you have any immediate questions, please contact the Club’s Charity Organiser, Adam Tindell on adamtindell99@gmail.com


The Camberley All Night Café for the Homeless

The All Night Cafe welcomes veterans and the homeless, from 10pm until 8am, providing delicious free home cooked meals, complimentary drinks and refreshments throughout the night and a hearty hot breakfast served at 7am. Customers are offered hot showers and a nearly new change of clothing exchange and are given a selection of free food or filled baguettes to takeaway.


Completely set up and run by a team of dedicated volunteers, with no statutory funding or formal support, the All Night Cafe relies on goodwill, enterprise, community fundraising and donations of food, volunteer time and financial benefactors with a passion for helping those in a local community facing extreme difficulties.



The Fountain Centre

The Fountain Centre is a charity for cancer patients, their families and carers located in the St Luke’s cancer unit at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford. They offer advice, support and a huge range of complementary therapies, in a calming and relaxed atmosphere.


The Fountain Centre is there for patients and their families from the initial cancer diagnosis until treatment finishes and beyond, providing helpful information, personal counselling and complementary therapies, allowing patients to make informed choices and regain control of their future.