RRPC Charity of the year 2020

After nominations from members the chosen charity for 2020 is as follows:

Camberley Family Contact Centre

The Camberley Family Contact Centre provides a safe and neutral venue where children can meet the parent they no longer live with. It is also possible to meet other members of their estranged family. The Centre can be used as a place where children may be ‘handed over’ to their non-resident parent for outside contact and ‘handed back’ later to their resident parent.

The Centre enables families who have become estranged to reconnect again in a safe and happy environment. It is a worthwhile contact as many have come from a position of distrust, fear and many other situations that seemed irreparable. Most end in a very positive way with many families reconnecting and moving on to a positive outcome.

All volunteers are impartial and all information is confidential except in the event of a child protection or safeguarding issue. We do not report what happens during contact but will confirm attendances should that be required.

Website: http://camberleyfamilycontactcentre.org