Tip of the Month

Study and practice recent tips supplied by our top English number ones via Pickleball England:

Previous Tips of the Month

Enhance your shot selection. Be bold and try the infamous ‘3rd shot drop’ (aka ‘long dink’). When you make one don’t forget to come straight up to the net WITH YOUR PARTNER.

Practice using the new alternative drop serve

 IFB has added an alternative drop serve on a provisional basis. The precise wording of this rule can be found by visiting the IFP website, and finding provisional rule 4.A.8.


Basically, the ball can now be dropped from the server’s hand or the server’s paddle face from any natural height onto the playing surface. The ball may not be thrown downwards or upwards, it must be simply dropped. As this is a provisional rule, we can try it and take a view later.

Don’t get too pickled and Stay at Home

Serving and Returning

When it’s your turn to serve, aim to go deep to keep your opponent pinned back. Same if you are returning serve, hit as deep as possible; they must wait for the ball to bounce which gives you time to approach the net for volleying.

When it comes to placing your shot, try ‘placing’ the ball, i.e. put the ball where your opponent isn’t!!!

In any game situation a good, low risk shot is to return the ball “down the middle”. The net is 2 inches lower in the middle and such a shot will challenge your opponents’ communications.

Why not come to a drills and/or ball machine session every now & then? You get to hit lots of balls and therefore can practice your favourite shot, or work on your least favourite shot without anybody hitting it back at you!! Try it, it WILL work for you.